We enable our clients to effectively follow the flow of money in their businesses from order to cash, real time. No more leakages. No more fraud. Built with the best of cutting edge technology, the system ensures efficient and transparent movement of revenue within your business thereby reducing revenue leakages through fraud reporting.

“Revenue Cycle Management is the ability to effectively follow the flow of money in a business from order to cash”

Wumi Oghoetuoma, CEO

Our systems also offer scalable solutions which can be adapted to small or large business. We can handle large volumes of transactions in real time whilst providing executives with a web-based dashboard through which they can track the flow of revenue within the company.

The features of this service include the following:

  • Billing and Statement Events
  • Mediation and Rating
  • Bill Formatting
  • Invoicing
  • Collections
  • Fraud Management
  • Revenue Assurance

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