Crown Interactive Solutions transform businesses through change packages that ensure improved efficiency, productivity and overall business performance. We address people, processes and technology issues. The Crown Interactive consulting arm is dedicated to the provision of innovative services to our clients in all sectors. Our BPR consulting services deliver the redesign of fundamental business processes to achieve palpable improvements in productivity and efficiency, with emphasis on satisfying client needs.

Requirements Engineering

Crown Interactive has decades of experience in requirements engineering in business analysis. It is the go-to-partner for customers who want to produce quality deliverables to ensure that the end result of solutions developed or purchased are fit for purpose. A good understanding of the business and systems requirements in any business environment will lead to the successful creation of a solution that is fit for purpose and help forward-thinking organizations to realize important strategic goals.

We realise that every project embarked on is for one of the following reasons:

  • Generate cost savings
  • Increase productivity
  • Improve time to market
  • Enhance customer experience
  • Maximise profit

We help our clients by

  • Organizing workshops, brainstorms and interview sessions to capture business requirements
  • Working closely with management teams to ensure that business requirements are aligned with the tactical and strategic business objectives
  • Articulate both functional and non-functional requirements for stakeholder sign-of
  • Producing wireframes, prototypes and proof of concepts
  • Producing business cases to prove return on investment (ROI)

Business Process Re-engineering

Crown Interactive regularly helps customers to achieve the greatest potential by successfully re-engineering the existing business processes.

We facilitate the creation of a best
practice optimized process using our
expertise in collaboration with your
subject matter expert and our 7-step
process-driven approach consist of:

  • Define the “AS IS” processes
  • Identify the business rules
  • Identify Redundancies
  • Design the “TO BE” processes
  • Enforce constraints
  • Develop solutions
  • Deploy

We help our clients produce quality business analysis deliverables to ensure that the end result of the solution developed or purchased is fit for purpose by

  • GAP Analysis and process Re-engineering
  • Order management process Re-engineering
  • Sales order process Re-engineering across multiple channels
  • Designing optimal operational processes
  • Automating repetitive business processes and eliminate unnecessary processes and procedures
  • Architecting the enterprise through service oriented architecture (SOA).

Business Transformation

Crown Interactive is the expert in successfully delivering business transformations for companies based in various segments.

The Crown Interactive Transformation Framework (CITF) for business transformation allows us to consistently deliver real
business benefits to our clients.

CITF was founded on the structured application of the 3 key tenets of business transformation:

Crown Interactive designs and develops channel transformation
solutions that delivers:

Increased productivity

Shorter time to market

Enhanced customer experience

Cost savings

Maximised profit

Armed with these, our consultants design and build new processes that ensure improved business performance. Hence,
our consulting services deliver user requirement driven BPR solutions which:

• Maximise profit   • Reduce costs   • Reduce time to market   • Increase efficiency   • Facilitate business capacity

Here are some of the services which we provide:

  • Requirements Management
  • Feasibility Study
  • Project scoping
  • Methods and approach
  • Mentoring
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Process and Modelling
  • Issue Risk Management
  • BPM and Workflow
  • Business Process Reengineering

If you want to learn about Business Analysis Consulting services that we provide,
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