Crown Interactive enables our clients to focus on their core business by outsourcing its customer
and billing management to us.

Our Customer management and Billing system gives our clients the ability to manage customers from registration into the system to profile termination. We maximize customer lifetime value through features such as customer self-service which facilitates seamless customer engagement for order fulfilment, issues resolution and billing via website, mobile application and SMS.

While ensuring their customers are satisfied, the Billing as a Service platform also helps our clients reconcile their billing expectations thereby preventing revenue leakages and fraud reporting.

The system enables the managing of business processes along the value chain from product allocation to ordering, invoicing, payment tracking and collection in a cost effective way. Our platform provides flexibility and scalability within an ever changing business environment providing end-to-end solutions. It can accommodate growing subscriber bases as we handle large volumes of variable transactions real-time and allow customers access through the web-based customer self-care portal.

The main goals of the Crown Interactive Customer Lifecycle Management and Billing program are:


We focus on effectively engaging new and existing customers as they experience our clients’ products and services. This could range from a new service order on a tariff to the actual installation and activation of a new meter for the customer.


This involves all customer engagement from when their service has been activated to when they are billed for the service. This means that all problem handing and SLA Management are handled within this segment. The core drivers are constantly assessed and the metrics used to drive improvements across the business and customer engagement. At the end of the cycle revenue is assured for our clients.


This is the major segment that drives the essence of the business as a whole and therefore encompasses the following:

  • Usage & Rating
  • Bill Formatting
  • Invoicing
  • Collections
  • Fraud Management
  • Revenue Assurance

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