CICOD Unified Collections Gateway (UCG) application enables the real-time aggregation of collections for different payment channels without leakages, all under one system. CICOD UCG is ideal for any business collecting revenue from multiple channels. The application features a reports dashboard that includes all information on the various transactions for both pre-pay and post-pay customers taking place on different channels. Integration of all payment channels to UCG will ensure transparency on collection, provide visibility on collection leakages and monitor actions taken to recover customer debts and provides financial audit transaction trail and access to funds available in cash or their bank accounts.

Benefits of Unified Collections Gateway

Revenue Collection Transparency

UCG displays details of real-time transactions in clear, explicit and unambiguous terms to understand details and reconciliation of the inflow of revenue. Detailed Transaction Reporting change text to: UCG has detailed and comprehensive transaction reports capability to understand any transactions in-depth.

Detailed Transaction Reporting

This software application displays details of real time transactions in clear, explicit and unambiguous terms to understand and for the purpose of reconciliation of the inflow of revenue from time to time in the business.

Payment Channels Integration

UCG seamlessly integrates with any payment channel responsible for collections and enables easy pull for data on payment collections.


  • Real-Time Cash Management

    Monitoring of cash at all outlets real time.

  • Cash Office Management

    Real-time monitoring of cash and cash movements at cash offices.

  • Revenue Assurance

    Real-time monitoring of revenue assurance to ensure no leakages.

  • Real-Time Bank Balance (Zenith Bank Xpath)

    Easy monitoring of account balances at different banks real-time.

  • Report Dashboard

    Report generation capability.

  • Channel Partner Management

    Transparent monitoring and efficient management of Partners performance.

  • Global Accelerex POS Integration (Straight-Through-Processing)

  • Electronic Wallet

  • Direct Bank Lodgement

    Tracking of cash lodgements at banks real-time.

  • Interdistrict Credit Note

  • Real-Time NIBSS Ebills

    Enabling payments through NIBBS.

  • Real-Time Interswitch

    Enabling payments through Interswitch

  • Real-Time Web Payment

    Enabling web payments.

  • Real-Time SMS Payment

    Enabling SMS payments.

  • Real-Time Voucher

    Validation of printed and E-barcodes to redeem vouchers.

  • Cashiers Till

    Monitoring cashier tills real-time.

  • Cashier Management

    Manage cashiers to ensure no losses.

  • Settlement Report

    Issuance of reports for settlement for various parties.


CICOD suite of Business Support Systems (BSS) is a fully integrated with the option to choose the right application as stand-alone or as a bundle of applications depending on the business needs. The applications within our CICOD BSS can be easily integrated to existing systems within an organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or operated independently to provide unparalleled platforms for automating key business processes.

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