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Business Analysis

Enabling businesses to innovate, minimise cost, maximise productivity and increase revenue.

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Customer Lifecycle

Offering a holistic Customer Management System that involves meeting customer needs from order fulfilment to making payments, to managing and resolving complaints .

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Revenue Cycle

Enabling real time tracking of revenue to minimise leaks and deter fraud no matter the business size.

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Fully Integrated Modules
with the Option to Choose!

CICOD 1.0 is a bouquet of software applications designed and crafted to automate critical business processes. The CICOD suite of Business Support Systems (BSS) are fully integrated with the option to choose the right application as stand-alone or as a bundle of applications depending on the business needs. The applications within our CICOD BSS can be easily integrated to existing systems within an organization’s Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software or operated independently to provide unparalled platforms for automating key business processes.

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Industry Solutions


The CICOD Business Support Systems (BSS) provides a platform for effective business process automation and revenue assurance in the Utility sector.

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Government Regulators

The Regulatory authorities are able to maximize their potential through improved productivity, minimized revenue leakages, efficient revenue collections, and increased operator compliance.

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Tax Authorities

In the Inland Revenue Service, we define Revenue Cycle Management as the ability to effectively follow the flow of money in the system from enumeration to cash-in-bank.

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Oil and Gas

We deliver business process improvement through the provision of a seamless mechanism for workflow automation and real-time visibility of Key performance indicators for increased productivity, fast paced decision making and statutory reporting.

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