The Nigeria Electricity Regulatory Commission issued a regulation introducing Meter Asset Providers to help ease the burden of metering on the Distribution Companies as well as heed to the complaints of customers reacting to estimated bills.
While all distribution companies already have meter rollout plans and may have executed acquisition contracts outside of the MAP framework, the regulation allows such contracts to be fulfiled until the end of 2018 after which all installations must be under the MAP framework as ordered by NERC.

In preparing the technology solution for the effective delivery of the meter rollout plan and the MAP rollout, certain key issues must be considered and determined to ensure successful implementation. High-level processes to be determined are as follows:
1. Contract Setup

2. Single Customer Order Fulfilment request for New Service or Meter Replacement

3. Meter Rollout Plan (with/without MAP)

4. Meter Data Management

5. MAP Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management (customer pays in full)

6. MAP Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management (MAP funded)

7. MAP Settlement