Utility Solutions

Our Utility solutions ensure that essential services provided to the public run effectively. These include water, power, and gas.

Our clients in this sector face various challenges ranging from customer and revenue management capabilities to infrastructural issues involving metering.

At crown interactive, our goal is to transform these challenges to opportunities for your company to reach or even exceed its full potential. Reliability, Efficiency and Return on Assets are key characteristics of any profitable utility company and our solutions are geared in that direction.

Our solutions for the Utility Industry are illustrated below:

Front End Considerations:

  • CRM & Billing Systems: World Class Order to Cash Business Support System for pre-paid and post-paid Customer Management and Billing.
  • Terminal & POS: Provides a view of all the convergent services aggregated on the CICOD system for payments
  • Self Service Tools: Enables Customer Engagement through the enhanced Website, Mobile Apps and SMS Customers.
  • Voucher Management System: Alternative Payment options for both pre-paid & post-paid customers.

Backend Considerations

  • Energy Management System: Manages the distribution of the limited power on the grid from the feeder to the customers meter enabling Load Shedding, Revenue Assurance and the introduction of Premium Services
  • Inventory Management System: Designed to enable seamless integration for Customer Order Manager as well as Internal Inventory for the Utility Network.
  • Fault & Field Force Management System: There is whole lifecycle from Fault to Resolution. Our platform not only empowers customers to report faults using Unified Self-Care , but also communicates with the Utility companies by assigning field force for quick resolution, thus resulting in Customer Satisfaction.
  • Energy Audit and Reports Dashboard

We believe that the true scalable success of any service-oriented organization can only occur where there is a focus on the customer experience – how orders are fulfilled and problems handled. This in turn creates a willing buyer and therefore collections/payments become much easier.