Telecommunications Solutions

As a telecommunications service aggregator that is dedicated to delivering innovative cost-effective solutions to the telecommunication sector across Africa and Europe, Crown Interactive provides systems to guarantee customer service satisfaction. Our telecommunications solutions cover the following:

  • Mobile Call Completer Platform
  • Video on Demand (VOD)

 Mobile Call Completer Platform (MCCP)

Our mobile voice advertising platform is a value added technology application for telecommunications service providers. It enables them to advertise their products and services directly to mobile zero-balanced users and in return, credits the account of the mobile user with air-time for listening to the advert.

For more information on our Mobile Call Completer Platform, Click here.

 Video on Demand (VOD)

Due to the rapid change of the TV world driven by the exponential growth of mobile connectivity and broadband, one can now watch movies and shows on demand where, when and how they want. Our engagement with movie producers and content distribution companies both locally and internationally enable us to provide a wide genre of content. This covers action, romance, comedy, documentaries, education, kids, thriller and drama.

Video on Demand Platform

Our aim is to offer our Video on Demand portal white labelled as a solution to the telecommunications operators. We can brand the portal to meet service operator’s requirements and enable their customers to subscribe to the content on the platform by downloading the application from the Apple store, android market or Blackberry store.

Crown Interactive uses Over the Top Technology for their Video on Demand Platform, which allows flexibility of content distribution across various devices.

At Crown Interactive we are able to offer our Telecoms clients Live Events, TV shows, Interactive TV, Catch up TV, Live Radio, E learning, on various devices and mobile applications using Adaptive bit rate.

With our Adaptive bit rate, our system adjusts the quality of viewing to the viewer’s bandwidth, thereby enabling the viewer to get the best quality of video their bandwidth permits.

Mobile users will now be able to use the mobile mall via their smart internet enabled devices. This is provided for both mobile phones and tablets on the android and IOS operating systems and also Blackberry and Windows mobile operating systems.

There are available payment options for selected channels whereby the customer pays for media content at any time. It is mostly used for the box office events and interactive TV. For subscriptions, the subscriber pays a set amount (often monthly) for a specific product offer. Some of these product offers may allow access to an unlimited service.

Video on Demand is also applicable in the advertising field. This content is provided to the subscriber for free because it follows some form of sponsored advertising. It may not affect the subscriber’s data allowance. For example, the Ministry of Health’s sponsored documentary on the effects of drug addiction. Another example is the Federal Road Safety’s sponsored movie content on the effect of drink driving during festive seasons.

Our Telecoms clients with our portal, can maximise the following benefits:

  • Increased access to customers
  • New revenue streams
  • Increased product offering
  • Reduced churn
  • Great customer experience
  • Increased Profitability
  • Increased Average Revenue Per User
  • Reduced Time To Market
  • Growth in Subscriber Base through Cross Industry Partnership