PLC modem is a device for communication over the power network. It is connected to a smart meter over RS485 or RS232 interface. The modem receives commands over the power network from the Concentrator, reads the meter, and sends back read data.

PLC modem on Concentrator is master, and all others PLC modems which are connected to meters are slaves. That means that slave modems wait commands from master modem, and there is only one answer from slave PLC modem which address contained in command from master modem.

The carrier communication unit integrated in chip PL3201 adopts QPSK (Quarter Phase Shift Key) modulation mode, and the multiple address communication technology with changeable pseudorandom code speed (band width). Its carrier center frequency is 120 KHZ, and the pseudorandom code speed can reach.

PLC modem hw parts:

  • Main board (power supply, mcu PL3201, memorie EEPROM AT24C1024B, control electronics for PLC communication).
  • Slave boards (for various devices which we need to control over PLC modem such are switches, meter monitor…etc).
  • DIN rail compatible insulated box

Hardware development of PLC modem

  • Develops revised schematic
  • Develops revised PCB boards
  • Develops box for modem that provides easy connection to smart meter – will depend on the meters used.
  • Develops slave boards

Firmware development

  • Develops FW for various smart meters
  • Develops FW for PLC modem on concentrator
  • Updates FW to control slave boards, this depends on what we need to control with modem.