Our intelligent data Concentrators are a major part of smart metering systems that are connected to the transformer and control center/backend servers. The concentrator, uses GPRS to communicate, and collates information from meters and PLC Modem and forwards it to the control center. If the utility company needs to deactivate a particular meter, it can do so by sending commands to the concentrator. This is as a result of the dual sim capabilities of the Crown Interactive concentrator which ensures that data from the concentrators flows smoothly to the control center.

Also with our concentrators, up to 500 meters can be concentrated and they feature tampering detection capabilities.

Below is the diagram that portrays how the Concentrators fit into an effective smart metering network:

Smart metering networking architecture

Smart metering networking architecture

HW parts of Concentrator

  • Main board (power supply, mcu C8051F342, memories eeprom AT24C1024B FLASH AT45DB642D)
  • GSM/GPRS board (control electronics, GSM/GPRS module PLC modem (see description above)
  • Slave boards (for various device which we need to control over concentrator such as vacuum circuit breaker, switches etc…)
  • Box, GSM antenna

Hardware Development of Concentrator

  • Develops revised schematic
  • Develops revised PCB boards
  • Develops box for Concentrator that provide easy installation in transformer stations
  • Develops slave boards

Firmware development

  • Update FW to control slave boards