For fast and consistent wireless connection of up to 3MB/sec, crown Interactive supplies clients with 3g Routers and land lines.

Our routers are designed to allow for up to 32 users to be active on the network at the same time.

Sim cards for any phone network can be easily configured into the router for more flexible browsing.

The 3MB speed of the router ensures that all networks in the country can be paired with the device.

With our 3G routers, customers have a wireless connection with a range of 100meters and can set up a Local Area Network (LAN) which is especially useful for small businesses and at home. It is also very handy when there is a need to connect multiple devices on one wireless network as customers can connect game consoles, media players and printers. Moreover, data is carried over the network without any extra wiring, cabling or messy installation.

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