Managing Zero Balance subscribers has always remained a challenge for Telcos. Various programs are crafted by Telco marketing teams to ensure that subscribers remain in an active state. However, at any given point in time, there is a huge percentage of subscribers without call credit and when they attempt to make calls, they fail, resulting in a loss of revenue to the Telco.

Our mobile voice advertising platform therefore aims to develop and deploy value added technology and applications for various telecommunications service providers. It enables them to advertise their products and services directly to mobile zero-balanced users and in return, credits the account of the mobile user with air-time for listening to the advert.

About the Mobile Call Completer Platform (MCCP)

  • It is an intelligent IVR (I-IVR) application designed to play sponsored adverts to mobile subscribers.
  • Adverts are targeted at mobile subscribers that have run out of airtime credit.
  • The application prompts subscribers to listen to an advert and on completion; they will receive free airtime for listening to the sponsored advert.

MCCP Value Proposition

  • Increase in airtime sales for mobile voice advert credits
  • Increase IN B2B relationship & cross-sell opportunities
  • VAS that assists in churn management

MCCP Proposition to Service Providers

This service positions potential service providers with a robust voice advertising platform for corporate, private and government organisations that will guarantee revenue from the sale of premium-priced airtime for enabling voice advertisement to their subscribers.