Over the years Lottery has transitioned from scratch cards, to terminals, then the web and now playing via your mobile phone.

The Crown Interactive Lottery Management system allows each client make their lottery platform available and fully accessible to their customers.

A mobile phone is no longer a luxury but a necessity and most people use their mobiles to access the web for various reasons. All traditional forms of playing lottery are available and accessible as well as the ability to play using both the web and the mobile app.

At Crown Interactive, our lottery platform provides you with the option of 6/49 and 5/90 games as well as Raffle draws. These games can be customized and adapted to suit your requirements; we provide multiple channels to market such as: web, mobile apps (Android, iOS, Blackberry OS10 and Windows), SMS and terminal. The website and mobile application will be white-labeled to suit a client’s particular need.

The Crown Interactive Lottery Management System (LMS) is a managed service that helps lottery organizations boost profits due to the ease of access to information on the patterns of customer activity thereby facilitating flexibility in decision making. Our LMS is fully integrated to our voucher management system, Inventory Management System , Billing System  and 3rd party payment gateways while also providing a powerful reporting interface for trend, game play and transaction reporting.

The games we offer on our lottery platform include:

  • 6/49 Lottery
  • 5/90 Lotto
    • 1st Ball,
    • 2 Direct
    • 3 Direct
    • 4 Direct
    • 5 Direct,
    • Perm 2
    • Perm 3
  • System Raffle Draws – 2nd Chance
  • Manual Raffle Draws – Upload feed

Our LMS is also a customer-oriented service that facilitates customer self-service on all platforms. Other benefits for the customer includes the convenience of collecting winnings or putting cash into the system through the ATM, Debit/Credit cards, Bank transfers or Vouchers.

Other features of our Lottery Management System: