The Inventory Management System (IMS) is an enterprise application that records information on physical assets held by a company. The assets include consumables, fixed assets, merchandise, capital equipment etc. This system helps our clients keep track of their availability and know the state of their articles. With our IMS clients can efficiently deploy assets in the field with the ability to record the time of use, its state at deployment and return, the reason for deployment, the capacity of the said asset and even the manufacturer if necessary.

Our IMS ensures that our clients are able to maintain the required level of inventory, track inventory on the move and avoid running out of stock. Clients also have easy access to crucial information on all their assets in hosted system designed to their specifications. It is useful for any company, regardless of sector, that needs to track and maintain information on assets and equipment.

Using our IMS, clients will be able to:

  • Catalogue and categorize equipment and devices that have been purchased and are available for allocation to geographical locations, or clusters of users.
  • Allocate and switch off feeders, transformers, circuit breakers, and concentrators to geographical units.
  • Assign and switch off smart meters to clusters of users.
  • Monitor and track the availability of equipment for the purpose of stock replenishment. Once the equipment count goes below a certain level, staff are alerted so that new equipment can be purchased.
  • Monitor the acquisition of new equipment from suppliers.
  • Monitor and manage information pertaining to the return of equipment, such as the required return dates of equipment.
  • Manage the status of equipment, such as labelling equipment as damaged or retired.