The Crown Interactive Energy Management Control Centre (EMCC) helps our clients keep track of their customers’ consumption of services they provide be it Electricity, Water, or Gas by managing the demand and distribution to the customer’s meter. The EMCC enables Load Sharing, Demand Management, Revenue Assurance, Monitoring and Analysis.

The core of this system offering can be grouped into the following categories:

  • Revenue Generation: maximises revenue opportunities with premium customers by enabling customer Opt-In upgrades.
  • Reporting: reconciles unified collections against distribution.
  • Revenue Assurance: reduces technical and commercial losses between the customer meter and the feeders.

Our Convergence on Demand model facilitates improved Revenue Assurance through Cross Industry Collaboration (meter manufacturer/ electricity) delivering Machine2Machine services (Transformer Supply vs. Meter Usage).


Energy Management Framework

Through our EMCC solution, our clients will be able to:

  • Record power that has been made available for allocation by their staff through the EMCC
  • Remotely allocate power to clusters or subsets of clusters down to the individual customer level.
  • Remotely deactivate or suspend individual or batch meters.
  • Remotely monitor accurate usage of data for each customer’s smart meter. Hence, the total consumption value for groups of customers can be easily identified, e.g. at Transformer or Feeder level.
  • Offer improved supply of services by providing customers with a schedules (e.g. power schedules) and planned outage per product tariff within a geographical location, with the ability to override the services by manually de-activating an individual meter or groups of meters.
  • View services distributed against services consumed in order to track leakages and fraud.
  • Provide accurate revenue forecasts based on information on customer base and the associated charges incurred for users within each tariff in a certain location.