Companies around the world have the challenge of ensuring their customers can pay for their services at their convenience. Some customers may have limited access to the internet and banks, depending on where they live, to pay bills or buy tickets etc.

The Crown Interactive Convergence on Demand (CICOD) Virtual Terminal enables the channels through which enterprises can reach their customers at their own convenience.

The CICOD terminal is a multi-channel solution, which enables the customer to pay for services conveniently, it also facilitates channels through which companies and government agencies can offer customers access their services. Customers and citizens can browse through the terminal to view the options provided for them by companies and government agencies and they can also place orders for what they need through the terminal.

It is available as a smart device application or software program to be installed on a device like a laptop which could be in a local department store or gas stations – the channel partners; so customers do not need access to the internet to conveniently pay for services.

Enterprises benefit from this solution as it promotes efficient customer service within your brand. It is also a technological solution that gives companies a wider reach into the Nigerian market as it allows customers in every income bracket to pay for the services they need easily.

Customers that are not in close proximity to banks can pay bills but in addition one of the main benefits is that it makes the task of processing payments simpler, faster and more flexible.