Business Support Systems

Crown Interactive has rights to bring you Infonova’s multi-tenant on demand BSS Platform release 6, a multi-tenant front & back office BSS platform for Telco 1.0 and Telco 2.0 business models.

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Voucher Management System

With Crown interactive, clients get a service top-up solution that can be integrated with most business process applications depending on their needs. Customers can top up through web, mobile app, or SMS platforms

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Fault and Field Force Management System

There is whole lifecycle from Fault to Resolution. The Crown Interactive platform not only empowers customers to report faults using Unified Self-Care and other means, but also equips the Utility providers by assigning field force for resolution, thus resulting in Customer Satisfaction.

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Inventory Management

The Inventory Management System (IMS) is an enterprise application that records information on physical assets held by a company. The assets include consumables, fixed assets, merchandise, capital equipment etc. This system helps our clients keep track of their availability and know the state of their articles.

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Energy Management System

The Crown Interactive Energy Management Control Centre (EMCC) helps our clients keep track of their customers’ consumption of services they provide be it Electricity, Water, or Gas by managing the demand and distribution to the customer’s meter.

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Lottery Management System

Over the years Lottery has transitioned from scratch cards, to terminals, then the web and now playing via your mobile phone. The Crown Interactive Lottery Management system allows each client make their lottery platform available and fully accessible to their customers.

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Mobile Call Completer Platform (MCCP)

Managing Zero Balance subscribers has always remained a challenge for Telcos. Various programs are crafted by Telco marketing teams to ensure that subscribers remain in an active state. However, at any given point in time, there is a huge percentage of subscribers without call credit and when they attempt to make calls, they fail, resulting in a loss of revenue to the Telco.

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CICOD Virtual Terminal

Companies in Nigeria have the challenge of ensuring their customers can pay for their services at their convenience. Some customers may have limited access to the internet and banks, depending on where they live, to pay bills or buy tickets etc. The Crown Interactive Convergence on Demand (CICOD) Virtual Terminal enables the channels through which enterprises can reach their customers at their own convenience.

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Unified Collections Gateway

In our technology oriented business environment of today, a lot of companies regardless of sector, face problems in collections. They often have to collect revenue from customers through different channels such as the web, POS, SMS, mobile apps or even in person but all the different channels are separate from each other and so they have parallel collections.

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