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  • Utility Solutions

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    Crown Interactive smart solutions facilitate efficient distribution of energy to consumers while ensuring clients can Maximize Potential Value

  • Telecommunications Solutions

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    Learn about how Crown Interactive hardware can help your company grow your subscriber base.

  • Public Sector

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    Crown Interactive provides Communications technology, network systems and cutting edge data for efficiency and responsiveness in the public sector.

  • Gaming

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    At Crown, we help our lottery and sports betting partners optimise their games through our platforms.

We provide solutions that are customer-oriented and technology laden for businesses in a wide range of sectors. For more information on your sector click here.
Our services will help your company increase profitability and give you a competitive edge regardless of your sector. For more information on our services click here.
We specialize in developing enterprise applications that ensure effective processes and efficiency. For more information on our Enterprise Application click here.
We engineer cutting-edge hardware communication components. For more information on our devices click here.

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Meter Asset Provider

Map asset provider brochure The Nigeria Electricity Re...

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OVERVIEW Over the years, there has be...

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CRM & Billing

We offer service providers Customer Management, Order Fulfillment, Billing and Revenue Assurance under one platform. Learn More

Unified Collections

Unified Collections Gateway provides service providers with an aggregated view of all payment channels in one system. Learn More

CICOD Terminal

NowRetail Partners now have the opportunity to sell more value-added services to their customers using the CICOD Terminal. Learn More